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A little favor I did for my cousin.

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Gon: Nn~ Just a little bit more~
Killua: Gon, what’s wrong? What are you doing, acting all weird like that.
Gon: Ah, Killua! You came at a good time. I dropped some money in this gap
Killua: Eh? Geez, you’re so clumsy… Alright…
Gon: Can you reach it?
Killua: It’s no good. If only we had something like a birdlime pole…
Gon: Birdlime pole? What’s that?
Killua: You don’t know? It’s a pole of which the end is sticky, used for catching birds.
Gon: Oh, I see. So we should make something with adhesive gum tape?
Killua: Yeah. Ah~ If only that guy was here now.
Gon: Hm? That guy? Who?
Killua: Bungee gum.
Gon: Ah, Hisoka!
Killua: Yes, it’s one of his best nen abilities. Bungee gum.
Gon: To fire your nen like gum, sticking it or peeling it off, flexible, and at your own will.
Killua: It’s simple, but has a wide scope of uses, so it’s strong.
Gon: It’s really a fearsome nen ability.
Killua: But at a time like this, Bungee gum would be great!
Gon: I get it… “Oh no, I dropped something in this gap!”
Killua: At times like these…
Hisoka: Bungee gum!
Killua: Hmm, I want to get something from a high place…
Gon: At times like those…
Hisoka: Bungee gum!
Gon: If you imagine something like that, it’s so stupid!
Killua: That’s right, how’s this: The flies around here are so annoying, it can’t be helped! At times like those…
Hisoka: Bungee gum!
Gon: Me too! It’s so hard to get dirt off the carpet, in times like those…
Hisoka: Bungee gum!
Killua: I want to put up a painting without damaging the wall, in times like those…
Hisoka: Bungee gum!
Gon: If you’re troubled because you don’t have earplugs!
Killua: To the soles of the shoes of the guy you hate!
Gon: Instead of a cord for skydiving!
Killua: To play pranks on idiots!
Gon: As a snack during a field trip!
Hisoka: Hey! Let me finish saying it
Gon: Hisoka!? Why are you here!?
Hisoka: If you get so conceited, I’ll kill you~ Really… such a troublesome kids… Like this I have no choice but to intrude on their show…


All translating work by Willeke:



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Walmart Mario Kart vine

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I lovE thE yOUNg pEople



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Someone took footage of a Peacock Spider’s mating dance and set it to YMCA

god I love the internet

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when i get a runny nose


This is honestly so relatable and I’m going to need everyone else to step it up a notch

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it’s exactly what you’re expecting

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Why Armin is Afraid of Santa

Merry Late Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

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Armin Arlert

I’ll make a transparent version, soon.

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